Our standard Photo Booth has a black curtained background. It is a special material we selected to absorb excess lighting, so it doesn't show in most pictures. This allows us to get vibrant photos which accent skin colors and our special props.
localnjphotobooths005016.jpg localnjphotobooths005015.jpg
Black Draped Backgrounds
Green Screen Backgrounds
Please click on either Selection for Samples of the packages
The Green Screen Option also includes a Black Background as one of the selections. We generally will do about an hour of traditional black, then change to Green Screen.
There is a choice of a Black backgounds PLUS 7 addition Green Screen Choices. We can use our own selection or you can choose from our library of backgrounds. Our Graphic designers can create a custom background according to your theme. All backgrounds take a week set up time. See below for SAMPLES
Click below for Black Draped Sample Backgrounds
Click below for Green Screen Backgrounds Samples
localnjphotobooths005013.jpg localnjphotobooths005012.jpg localnjphotobooths005011.jpg localnjphotobooths005010.jpg localnjphotobooths005009.jpg localnjphotobooths005008.jpg
These are SAMPLES. We can customize backgrounds, which is now INCLUDED with the GREENSCREEN Option
localnjphotobooths002008.jpg localnjphotobooths002006.jpg
localnjphotobooths002005.jpg localnjphotobooths002004.jpg