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localnjphotobooths002005.jpg localnjphotobooths008001.jpg
4) Our cameras are not "Fixed" angle lenses. They all are "Zoom" lenses, that are adjusted by the professional attendant to allow for close ups of 2 guests or expanded to have up to 12 guests in a wide angle mode. Our Attendents change the zoom ratio immediately after they see how many guests are in the booth
5) Our cameras are not "Stationary" like our competitors. They are mounted on our independently designed compact swivel mounts. This allow for lowering the camera for small childrenor raising the camera for taller adults, This is all done in seconds with our trained attendants.
6) We will customize digital backgrounds ( GreenScreen) for your event. We can design a digital background
with your theme of the events.
7) We will customize your Scrapbook with a photo you select from the event. We print your photo on the cover with the name and date of the event.
3) Our Attendants are trained to provide the best possible Photo Booth experience.
They know photography, and help your guests enjoy the booth, suggesting poses and props.
What sets you apart from other Photo Booth Companies ?
1) We provide a large 8 x 10 Classic Black Curtained booth with a welcoming white entrance curtain. The Elite booth holds up to 12 guests. It is not the small 2-3 people booth that most vendors supply
2) We use professional "Studio" lighting with professional reflective umbrellas and an additonal "Fill" light for the best possible quality photos
How do I go about booking Local NJ Photo Booths?
1) Please fill out the form on our "Contact Us" page. We will then Email on contract to you. You should complete any necessary information, sign, keep a copy and mail to address on page 2 of the contract with $100 Deposit. We also accept Paypal for $100 deposit. Balance is due on event date
What is the size of the enclosed booth?
The booth is 8 x 10 feet
Do you charge to look at the site before the event?
There is an excellent chance that we have been at the venue of choice, so that it would not be necessary. If we have not been there , we do not charge to lookt at the venue.